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The Rotary Club of Orleans Club Charter was presented on April 18, 1940 at the Southward Inn in Orleans
Charter members were:
Ralph A. Chase 1, Classification: Real Estate Agency, Eastham
Frederick J. Colby, Classification: Refined Oil Products, Brewster
Bernard C. Collins, Classification: Shellfish Dealer, Eastham
Lewis W. Collins, Classification:
Henry K. Cummings 1, Classification: Clothing, Retail, Orleans
Lloyd R. Ellis, Classification: Grocer, Orleans
Rennie B. Lake1, Classification: Cotton Goods Finishing, E. Orleans
Urban S. Livingston, Classification1: Drugs, Retailing, Orleans
Herbert D. Nickerson, Classification: Funeral Director, Orleans
R. Frederick Raddin1, Dr. Classification: Dentist, Orleans
William E. Rich, Classification: Hotel, Orleans
Alton L. Smith, Classification: Heating & Ventilating, Orleans
Carlton W. Smith, Classification: Heating & Ventilating, Orleans
Harry H. Snow, Classification: Retail, Coal, Orleans
Reginald H. Sprague, Classification:
Henry A. White, Classification:
1. Original Directors of the Club